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Our mens Outdoor clothing department includes a handpicked selection of the bestselling hiking and walking clothing for this season. We have a massive range of mens waterproof jackets, fleeces and baselayers and everything you would need to keep comfortable and dry on a days walk. We tailor our mens outdoor clothing range towards the season ahead and provide cool and loose travel clothing for summer and warm and cosy cold weather clothing for winter.
Our mens clothing ranges include popular brands Berghaus, The North Face, Smartwool and Icebreaker meaning you'll find something to meet any budget, size or age range.

When buying mens outdoor clothing think about what you need the garment for; what will you be doing in the garment? If you're planning on walking in low temperatures or rain then your first consideration is a waterproof jacket which is perhaps insulated and a waterproof trouser to fit over normal walking trousers. If you're planning on summer walks then take a look at our t shirt and shorts departments. There is little point buying a down jacket that is water resistant and then walking in torrential rain as this will spoil your walk and make you incredibly cold and miserable.

Think about comfort and temperature when selecting hiking clothes. Will it be hot or cold? Our advice would be to layer your clothes starting with a baselayer, then fleece followed by a waterproof jacket. Remember, you can always take a layer off if you get hot!

Durability of your walking jacket or baselayer is an important consideration. You want you choice to last as long as possible and you definitely don't want it to fall apart on the first use. Many customers like to use rucksacks with their jackets or fleece and so you need to consider the fabrics you select. If you plan to take a rucksack then look at nylon fabric jackets as these are hard wearing. A polyester jacket might feel softer but will wear quickly in high abrasion areas. Check your fleece is anti pile so it lasts longer in the wash and check that any walking trousers have a DWR or durable water repellent coating which will shed water in the rain and provide durability.

Appearance of your new hiking kit is important, you want to look the part but you also want to make sure pocket positioning and hoods won't get caught on rucksack straps for example. Check jackets and tops are long enough to cover your back to prevent chills and that trousers are loose and comfortable enough around the waist and leg for scrambles. Chaffing can be a problem when walking for a few days straight. Check tops and trousers don't rub and consider taking plasters and lubricant along incase this does occur.

What's your budget? We'd suggest you compare low price garments to the higher priced items to see what the differences are. Sometimes differences can be purely aesthetic such as an extra pocket or coloured zip, but more often than not it's because the more expensive item is jam packed with technology and will work it's hardest to keep you comfortable when on the hill.

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