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Fleeces are a really great year round garment and a great addition to your walking gear as well as your every day wardrobe. You can add a half zip when you just need a bit of extra warmth over a t shirt and it means you can undo the zip to provide some ventilation if you do get hot. Our range of full zips are a great alternative to a jacket on dryer days and many of these fleece jackets are now interactive which means they can be zipped into a compatible waterproof jacket when winter rolls around meaning you don't need to buy a thicker jacket and saving you money. The zip in fleece is great for walking in the Uk from Spring to Autumn but for anything more technical this can create a gap near the zip which can let cold air in. Make sure your 3 in 1 fleece and jacket combo fits well before you commit.

Fleeces are great for hiking and outdoor use because they're durable and anti pile, really warm despite a low weight and will keep you snug even if they get wet. Our range includes fleeces that are quick drying, windproof and water resistant and from big brands such as Berghaus and The North Face. We stock a range of heavyweight, midweight and lightweight fleeces all designed for different uses and at different price ranges so you'll be sure to find something to suit you.

Fleece midlayers are essentially a high tech pullover and designed to be worn as part of a layering system; over a base layer and under a shell waterproof jacket. Fleece is a matte of synthetic fibres that trap warm air close to the skin to keep you comfortable. They dry out quickly and are easy to pack down into your rucksack.

We offer a range of different weight fleeces and you may spot these on our page descriptions. Microfleeces or 100 weight fleeces are the lightest version and are designed for high intensity activities, fast hikes and summer wear. A 200 weight or midweight fleece is twice the weight per square metre of a microfleece and therefore much warmer. It can be too heavy for high intensity use and so is great for general outdoor wear, camping and post hike when you need an extra layer. A 300 weight of heavyweight fleece is 3 times as heavy as a microfleece and designed for staying warm during less activity.

What's Polartec? Polartec is a fleece manufacturer and brand that creates over 300 difference performance fabrics to keep us warm and dry and works with brands such as Berghaus, Rab and The North Face. Their most common fabrics that you may have seen are Polartec Powerstretch Pro, Polartec Classic Micro and Polartec Thermal Pro. Polartec dries quickly and retains warmth even if it gets wet. A lot of other fleece brands have now caught on to this and make the same claims but Polartec branding shows you've got a good quality fleece and will pay a premium.

Windproof Fleeces are designed to block the wind and are great for really windy days on the mountain side where you want to keep warm. Windproof midlayers aren't good for high intensity activities as they're not as breathable so we'd save these for dog walking.

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