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Check out our womens outdoor clothing where we have handpicked a range of quality hiking and walking clothing for every season. We offer a large range of womens waterproof jackets, fleeces and walking trousers amongst others so that you're sure to find something to keep you comfortable and warm or cold depending on where you're heading.

We only choose clothing from top quality brands and so look out for Berghaus, The North Face, Mammut and Icebreaker which offers something for every budget, age and size.

If you're just starting out hiking or planning a trip away you need to think about what you need the item for and think about what you'll be doing. If you're walking in rain, snow or just low temperatures look for a waterproof jacket, perhaps with some insulation and waterproof trousers. If you're planning on a summer walk or hiking in a warmer climate look towards our t shirt and shorts departments. If shorts aren't your thing take a look at our womens walking trousers where you can filter at the top for convertible and breathable options for summer.

The temperature you will be walking in is important. Will it be warm or freezing? We always advice to create a layering system which will keep you warm and means you can easily remove a layer when you warm up or the sun breaks through. Start with choosing a womens baselayer, add a fleece and then a waterproof shell jacket will complete the system. Remember, you can always remove a layer, but you can't add a layer if you're cold!

Will you be walking with a pack or rucksack? We choose rain jackets that are composed of different face fabrics so a nylon jacket will be harder wearing than a polyester jacket around the shoulders. Any abrasion on the shoulder will not only affect the look of your jacket but will compromise its performance so waterproofing and breathability will be reduced very quickly. The same goes with a fleece; check it's anti pile before you buy as this will prevent 'bobbling' in high friction areas.

Look for the little extras in your outdoor clothing so your money goes further. We offer clothing that includes mosquito repellency, UV protection and little extras like a water repellent coating on your walking trousers will make a big difference when you're caught in a shower. All of these extras can be filtered by using the filters at the top of the page.

Aesthetic appearance of your new kit is pretty important; you want to look the part but just check hoods and pocket positioning won't get caught on backpack straps. Look for drop hem waists which means the back of a jacket or fleece is longer than the front. These are great for protecting your back against chills and are flattering too. Check trousers are loose enough for comfort and consider choosing stretch walking trousers for not only a flattering fit but plenty of freedom of movement for climbs or scrambles. Check tops and trousers won't rub and that seams don't irritate you before you head out and consider taking lubricant and plasters in your first aid kit to make sure this doesn't spoil your day.
Our womens clothing includes back length and leg lengths so you can gauge the fit before you buy. Make sure you check out the size chart too which do vary by brand. Many brands also indicate the fit of the garment, so for Berghaus or Craghoppers you'll find relaxed fits for a baggier cut and general use or active fits for a closer fit and more technical hiking.

Budget is always an important consideration so we suggest you compare low priced garments to higher priced items to see what more you get for your money. Sometimes differences are purely in appearance or because the brand is more premium but most of the time there will be an extra pocket or a better waterproof membrane which will make the splurge worthwhile.

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