Our wide range of lightweight backpacking tents includes distinctive brands such as Terra Nova, Wild Country, Vango, Robens and Coleman, all of which produce top quality technical tents to protect you from the elements, as you embark on an outdoor adventure.

This range of lightweight tents is designed for trekkers, cyclists and mountaineers and will enable you to explore the great outdoors whilst carrying your tent in your pack or on your bike. These tents pitch quickly, so whether you are having to find shelter on a snowy mountain, or you are just tired after a full day's trekking, it won't take long to put the tent up and rest inside!

The lightweight poles used in our range of backpacking tents are strong and durable but won't weigh you down as you trek. Pack size and weight is listed in the features on the product page on our website and most of the tents have a video showing you how big the tent is and what it is like inside.

Our backpacking tents range from 1 man up to 4 man tents to cater for solo trekkers or adventurous groups! Some of the bigger tents will have porches to store your gear and give a sheltered area for cooking, whilst others will be designed to provide shelter in competitions like Adventure Backpacking and will be fully waterproof and as lightweight as possible; one only weighs 580g and pitches in 5 minutes!

Whatever your budget, we can cater for your needs and know that you will find a backpacking tent to suit you. So get browsing and prepare yourself for many outdoor adventures!