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With our range of Head Torches, let there be light! Hands free illumination allows you to focus on putting up your tent or follow a trail at night without having to hold onto a torch. Head torches are convenient, lightweight and allow you to go further for longer.
We at Simply Hike share your passion for exploration which is why we bring you the best torches on offer. With different settings for different situations the newest generation of LED headlamps give incredibly long burn times with unprecedented light output. Lumens are a good way of gauging how much light your torch will give and our range goes from the 20s to the 330s, lighting all kinds of distances of up to 110 metres. From the simplest to the highest tech torches, we have something to suit your needs. They are a handy tool to have even in the home, as they provide light in a power cut.

Most of our range is from Petzl, a family company founded by Fernand Petzl, a cave explorer who set world records with the depths he descended. Dealing with such dangerous environments he needed and designed technology he could trust with his life, a philosophy the company sticks to today. In 1973, the first Petzl mountaineering headlamp was invented. Since then they have continued to innovate and invent, allowing enthusiasts and professionals to access the inaccessible. From their best range are the Nao and Tikka RXP, built for dynamic activities in technical terrain with intensive use.

A camping essential, Head Torches are a must for any hike or trek. With such variety, our range is there for your needs. Please see our advice pages for info on head torches that will shine a light on what you should be looking for.

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