Wayfayrer Camping Foods

Wayfarer foods offer you ready to eat, real food for the great outdoors. They have a variety of meals to suit you and your adventure from Chicken Casseroles to Chilli Con Carne and if you have a sweet tooth why not try some of their great puddings like Chocolate Pudding with Chocolate Source! If you need that extra burst of energy they have a range of energiser bars too which are great.

Designed with the outdoors in mind, Wayfayrer meal pouches and kits are robust and very durable and contain great tasting, real food which will keep you sustained what ever your activity. They make great camping food, hiking food, and climbing food!

Wayfayrer offer 2 different types of meals, one is the Meal Pouch and the other is the Food Kit. For more information on these please see below.

Camping Food Kits

Foods KitsThe Food Kit meals have everything you need to heat and eat your meal anywhere. The kit contains a foil meal pouch, an innovative complete Heater System and a lightweight set of plastic cutlery.

When water is added to the Heater system a reaction is triggered and the element gives off heat. The heat is then transferred to the foil pack and thus to the pre-cooked food creating a delicious hot meal within a matter of minutes! It really is as easy as it sounds!

Meal Pouches

Meal PouchesThe Wayfayrer Meal Pouches are great because you can eat them hot or cold as all contents are fully cooked.

If required hot: Remove pouch from protective over-pack, place unopened pouch in boiling water for 7-8 minutes (cooking times may vary on different meals), then open and serve.

Alternatively: Cut or tear the pouch open and empty the meal into a suitable container and heat thoroughly.

Meal Ideas

  • Breakfast: All Day Breakfast
  • Lunch: Beans and Sausages
  • Snack: Chocolate and Oats Energiser Bar
  • Dinner: Meatballs and Pasta
  • Pudding: Spotted Dick and Custard

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