The name, Berghaus, actually translates from the German as mountain centre, though the company is British, founded in 1966 by two climbers and mountaineers. Frustrated at a lack of available outdoor equipment they decided to import it themselves, specialising in skis and bindings, but soon moved on to designing, testing and marketing their own brand. Berghaus were the first company to make their style of gaiters available.

In the late 1970s Gore-Tex started to be used in wet weather clothing, ideal for the purpose, due to its waterproof, yet breathable qualities. This innovative fabric was soon incorporated in the Yeti Gaiter which was first sold in 1979 and quickly became popular for providing excellent foot and leg protection. Building on a series of successful products Berghaus reversed its initial business model and started exporting its own brand into Europe, predominantly to countries along the well known Haute Route. The use of tractor tyre inner tubes to make the rubber rands for Gaiters was one of the first cases of recycled products being incorporated in outdoor clothing.

Gaiters provide protection and a water proof covering to the lower leg, whether against snake bites and thorns in the bush, or rocks and ice in the mountains. A snug fit ensures that waterproof gaiters will keep your trousers and feet dry, even when fording shallow streams.

Berghaus Yeti Attack II gaiters have a Gore-Tex membrane and are designed to work with any B1/2 rated winter boot. They have a snug fitting upper section and a Velcro fastened flap that is particularly effective in driving snow or rain. A military style, boot gaiter, they have been designed to be highly durable, with a high spec rubber rand that is suitable for the toughest conditions. The pair weighs in at around 900 grams. The Snowline gaiters are designed for all purpose protection and are secured with a replaceable strap that goes under the boot itself. They are made using Ardura fabric; providing waterproof and breathable qualities, but also designed to be particularly durable. This style offers a lighter weight protection at only 282 grams.

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