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The acknowledged market leaders in the development of 'hands-free' hydration packs are the Californian-based company CamelBak. If you are an experienced outdoor adventurer, training athlete, mountain biker or cyclist, the chances are you will probably have used or encountered the renowned CamelBak hydration technology developed by cyclist Michael Eidson. In the world of international competition, tactical and military environments, and many other leisure and professional outdoor pursuits, CamelBak have defined the requirements and set the standards for hydration on the move, making it possible to take on essential liquids fast and efficiently, without risking a soaking or having to adjust your focus.

With the CamelBak, you get a one-piece integrated hydration solution incorporating a food-grade bladder reservoir neatly stored in a backpack, a connector hose, extra reserve bottles, and a patent 'bite valve' which regulates the quantity and flow of your liquid intake. As a further safeguard, CamelBak also supply an essential one-stop water-purification kit for use in remote and inhospitable areas where access to clean water cannot be guaranteed. This filters sediments whilst also preventing contamination of its component parts.

There's no denying that carrying water across challenging terrain is probably the most demanding part of the whole process, so CamelBak have developed the Antidote Lumbar Reservoir, which shifts the load weight from the shoulders down on to the hips, to cope with this problem. As a result, the risk of back strain is much reduced, making the job more comfortable and user-friendly. CamelBak's Lightweight Exoskeleton frame designs and independent suspension harness with a sliding sternum strap are further examples of this company's commitment to comfortable 'carry technology'.

When you buy a CamelBak system, you'll know it won't let you down. Firstly, there's the company lifetime guarantee which simply says: 'If we built it, we'll Bak it.' And secondly, there's the company's ongoing involvement in product research - such as the university study which found people drank 24 per cent more when using a CamelBak bottle because they were 'easier to use than other bottles'. If CamelBak can find a way to build it better, they will.

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