Campingaz are one of the best known camping equipment suppliers, most notably for their iconic, portable gas containers, lanterns and stoves. Nowadays, they also produce a range of other essential camping items, such as ice packs, cool boxes and bedding.

Founded in 1949 in France, Campingaz (originally known as 'Camping Gaz') began by producing their distinctive small blue cylinders, usable with portable stoves and lanterns, containing a mix of propane and butane (larger cylinders are filled with pure butane gas). These are ideal for the hiker, as the cylinder cartridges are lightweight and easily stored in a rucksack. While with standard cartridges, which need to be pierced and used until they are empty, modern "Plus" cylinders can be disconnected and reconnected at will.

In addition, their equipment is designed with the traveller in mind, designed to be used and taken almost anywhere. Campingaz stoves are as versatile as you need them, weighing as little as 1.9kg, and their folding stove is easy to store. Trekking kits are also available to help you cook delicious meals out and about and portable lanterns are great for night conditions, whether you are still walking or not. And to keep everything tidy, many items are supplied with their own carry bag, or separate bags are available. Campingaz also provide cool boxes and ice packs to keep food and beverages cool. Single air beds are available, which comes with an integrated pillow and an internal coil structure for added comfort, and the bed itself also comes with a hidden storage space to keep valuables safe.

With regards to international travel, please be aware that gas cylinders are not allowed aboard aeroplanes. Cylinders are allowed aboard the Eurotunnel, subject to a maximum weight limit of 50kg. If travelling by car, avoid leaving cylinders in direct sunlight.

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