Coleman has a passion for producing quality camping equipment worldwide and are constantly updating and adding to their camping range. Colemans' range includes camping tents, sleeping bags, camp lanterns, cookers, stoves and general camping equipment and camping accessories. Coleman provide a huge range of camping equipment for hiking, Duke of Edinburgh award, backpacking trips, gap year holidays as well as family camping and solo camping.

Coleman is a trusted name in camping equipment and they are known for producing high quality gear that is designed to last. Here at Simply Hike we offer a wide range of their products so that you can kit yourself out to enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.


Coleman tents are designed with comfort in mind and come in 2, 4 and 6-person sizes. This makes them ideal for couples, families, and groups of friends and practical features such as viewing windows, separate rooms, UV guard, and waterproofing keep the occupants protected from the elements. Some tents come with front extensions and porches included, although these can also be bought separately. For extra warmth a Coleman carpet can be used in their tents.

Sleeping Gear

You will experience a good night's sleep in a Coleman sleeping bag, with its larger dimensions designed to make it suitable for anyone. The inner lining is removable so that you can adjust your temperature to suit the conditions and the lightweight outer polyester keeps its carrying weight down. For added comfort choose a Coleman air mattress, with these having airtight systems to ensure they remain inflated all night.

Cooking Equipment

Coleman cooking equipment is compact and easy to transport. It includes the Fold N Go Stove, which has two burners and a convenient carrying handle when folded down. The PowerPack Single Burner Stove has an adjustable perfectFlow propane system designed to provide more control when cooking outdoors.

Other Accessories

Choose from a range of useful and hard wearing Coleman accessories that include lanterns, tables and chairs, coolers, and portable electronics chargers.

With the variety of Coleman equipment available at Simply Hike there is no need to look elsewhere for high quality gear so that you can have an enjoyable camping experience.

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