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However unlikely it may seem, accidents and emergencies can happen at any time, and if not prepared it can put you in serious danger. Lifesystems can be the difference between continuing with your trip and having to turn back to get help.
Tested by the Duke of Edinburgh award product team, as well as expedition leaders in remote environments and medical professionals around the world, Lifesystems is a recognised brand for safety equipment. For over 20 years they have been providing useful, simple kit for any expedition, walk, climb, kayak, and camping trip. And for all ages, their range of first aid kits can even be handy on a simple family day out. Coming in tough, water resistant, easy to carry bags, Lifesystems first aid kits come in many different varieties and cater to a number of emergency situations.
Bug bites and stings can be anywhere from annoying to life threatening, so it is important to have the correct safety equipment when going into an environment where nuisance bugs may live. Included in our Lifesystems range is their many mosquito and bug repellents. Made from strong mesh, their mosquito nets are durable and can be hung up in seconds. Lightweight for convenience, they fit into any rucksack or luggage and are a great tool to keep out pesky insects, especially essential in countries where insect borne diseases such as malaria and yellow fever are a risk.
Lifesystems can be life savers when risking the elements and are good pieces of equipment to have around. First aid kits, insect repellents and other accessories to aid in your safety can be found in our range, coming with a three year warranty. Whether on a DofE expedition, camping trek or any outdoor activity let Lifesystems provide you with vital equipment.

Whether you're out and about on a walk, in the UK countryside, or on an intense expedition, you'll want to stay safe and be able to help yourself, should you get into difficulty. Lifesystems have been keeping people safe in the great outdoors for over twenty years, with their innovative products that include: top quality first aid kits, water purification, insect control, sun protection and outdoors survival. Lifesystems cater for a diverse range of activities, from family walks, DofE expeditions and kayaking, right through to ultra marathons, and camping trips in mosquito infested areas.

With their distinctive carry cases, Lifesystems' first aid kits are a must for anyone who enjoys being outdoors, whether they are a family taking a relaxing walk or someone taking on a bigger challenge. The first aid kits range from a basic pocket kit, which is great for a family walk or basic hiking, to their Mountain leader pro kit, which has enough supplies to treat up to 16 people. All kits contain a primary care leaflet, and they are organised into compartments, that are see through, so you can find what you need quickly.

Bites and stings are at best annoying and at worst, life threatening, so it's vital that if you are visiting an area known for disease-carrying insects, e.g. mosquitos, you are prepared. Lifesystems produce a range of insect repellers and insecticides including: DEET based repellers, manual tick removers, natural insect repeller sprays and mosquito killers. For anyone unlucky enough to be bitten, there is a sting relief spray and bite relief clicker.

It's not just the cold we need to protect ourselves from. No-one wants to get a nasty sunburn while outside, enjoying nature. Lifesytems have two ranges of sunscreen, Mountain and Active.

Anyone planning to be in the elements for a significant length of time, especially in winter, should have a means to keep warm, should they find themselves stuck. From simple survival bags to reusable bivi bags; survival shelters; whistles and torches, there should be something to suit your needs in the Lifesystems' outdoor survival range.

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