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Mountain Hardwear are a brand for all conditions, from mountain tops to wet woods, their mission is to empower and bring enjoyment to the outdoors. Celebrating their 20 year anniversary in 2014, Mountain Hardwear has focused on empowering athletes with equipment and apparel designed to help maximise performance. They believe anyone who enjoys the outdoors is an outdoor athlete who deserves better physical and emotional experiences through better fit, weather protection, temperature regulation and moisture management.

A technical brand for serious outdoors people, Mountain Hardwear stays true to the needs of outdoor athletes. They combine cutting edge materials with unconventional design solutions to drive true innovation for those who like to explore the best trails, hikes, mountains and anywhere else that is outdoors. Founded by a small band of outdoor industry iconoclasts looking out for their fellow outdoorsmen in their own rebellious way, they made pursuing new challenges easier. And we have a great selection from their range of clothing and sleeping bags for men and women.

Mountain Hardwear deliver on innovation with such technologies as their Dry.Q Elite technology for combating a build up of condensation with a comfortable waterproof and breathable fabric. Also available through Simply Hike is their range of Lamina sleeping bags. With less weight and more warmth the Lamina construction has a special way of stitching the insulation to the shell fabric for a warmer sleep and a lighter trek.

Gear of the Year, Editor's Choice, Top Pick, Best in Class; Mountain Hardwear has been awarded many times over for their gear. Helping you make days you will always remember, Mountain Hardwear make gear for men and women for multi day hikes, camping, mountaineering or even for everyday wear. Come rain or shine their gear will get any outdoor athlete exploring.

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