Petzl the inventor of the headlamp, constantly innovates to propose hands free lighting concepts to people who practise outdoor sports but also to professionals. Petzl head torches featuring the latest in lighting technology. An excellent balance between weight and lighting performance: lightweight, compact and efficient. All models are water resistant and have long burn times. View our Petzl advice page

Our range of Petzl headtorches does the inventor of the headlamp proud, providing excellent lighting for use under any conditions. Amateur sportsmen, as well as professional athletes are offered the ultimate lighting technology in these compact and lightweight, hands free devices.

Our most distinguished lamp, the Nao Head Torch is a revolutionizing self adjusting head lamp. This cutting-edge lamp comes with a sensor that adapts the beam output and pattern according to the environment. Also, when continuous lighting is preferred to reactive lighting, an over-ride button does the trick. Its cousin, the Tikka R Plus, is also reactive, thanks to its light sensor.

The second-best head lamp we have for sale is the Tikka RXP Multi Beam head torch, a rechargeable, reactive, comfortable, adjustable and stable.
If you're looking for a lightweight but powerful head lamp, the Duo-Belt could be the best option for you, as its remote battery pack can be worn under clothes or on a belt.

The Myo RXP has 3 programmable modes and 10 power levels, to suit any activity. Extremely customizable, it also allows you to choose the sequencing of the light levels.
Our Tikka XP Adapt comes with coloured lenses, a strobe mode and three lighting levels, while the Pixa 3 provides 3 beam patterns, is submersible in water and it is shatter proof.

The Tikka XP 2 features wide angle lens and 2 light sources, and the TAC Tikka Plus headlamp switches between white and red-filtered proximity lighting.

Whether walking at night or exploring a cave labyrinth, our water resistant and timeless head torches will see you safely to the end of your mission. The innovative LED technology renders these head torches critical to the successful completion of your quest. Don't get caught in the dark, give the Petzl headlamp a try!

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