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A stag do spent skiing

A stag do spent skiing Heading to the slopes for your stag weekend is becoming an increasingly popular choice and for good reason. Firstly, it’s a great way to get everybody together and get active, perfect for including any guests that might not know anyone. Secondly, it’s an experience that offers so much more than traditional stag activities; the thought of whipping down the icy slopes and competing with your best friends can be seen as favourable to a day of pub golf; downing cheap red wine in a dingy pub before passing out. Lastly, and this is the clincher for any undecided stags-to-be, most of the time the slopes are near a major city, where you can unwind in nice restaurants and keep the pace in great bars after an energy-packed days skiing. Take Ljubljana for example. The Slovenes are a nation of great skiers, claiming the first man to ski down Mount Everest and having a total of fifteen ski resorts packed into the country, with the Ljubljana ski slopes boasting a whopping 30km of well-maintained runs. The location is ideal, with the skiing season starting as early as the end of November and lasting over 150 days until early May. There’s also great attractions at the ski resort itself, with a snow hotel and an Igloo Village, both must-see sights. On top of the amazing skiing opportunities it’s also a very stag-friendly place, with awesome nightlife right around the corner! Make like Mr Bond and after a day of skiing head to Ljubljana’s top casino, or for something a bit more risqué try a strip boat meal and cruise. Sticking in the same region, another top example of a city that merges both great ski slopes and excellent nightlife is Maribor. It’s the second largest city in Slovenia and offers a cultured experience, with historic streets, medieval remains, stunning parks, beautiful castles, a towering cathedral and one of the oldest and largest wine cellars in Europe! The beautiful surroundings of Maribor make for an excellent place to ski, and the area also has the longest night skiing trail in Slovenia. You can follow up a days skiing with dinner in a fine Slovenian restaurant, a guided pub crawl or a top Maribor nightclub. If you’re looking for somewhere a bit closer to home to hone your skiing skills then head the boys up to Glasgow for some indoor skiing on fresh real-snow slopes. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to grips with skiing basics while having loads of fun and keeping the hassle at a low. Glasgow is also home to the legendary Boogie Bus, ideal for a sing and dance after a ski-packed afternoon, or alternatively head to a top comedy club or casino. Whichever slopes you and your group embark on, skiing is an extraordinary activity and is sure to set the pace for a fantastic stag do.    

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