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A unique New Year's at Switzerland

Skiers heading to Switzerland for the end of the year can choose the most unique ways to celebrate the arrival of 2011, from more common parties and trips to more uncommon activities and workshops. Most of the popular Swiss resorts offer their guests a wide range of choices for the new year, such as workshops held in the daytime, off-piste adventure trips, more snow sport experiences, great cuisine, and exciting night time parties. However, those looking for a completely different way of spending that time might want to learn something absolutely unique at workshops. Alpinschule Adelboden comes with a rare opportunity to learn how to build an igloo. The cost for a half-day workshop per person is CHF 79 (?60/£51). Gstaad and Laax skiers can sit back for a cosy time with some amazing concerts in celebration for the new year. Visitors to Gstaad can attend an exclusive music festival with 14 classical concerts being held from December 28 to January 8. Laax offers a more contemporary ambience with the TCHIK - a wacky and wild electropunk band from Berlin, who will perform at the Riders Palace Club. Guests at Leysin may have one of the most unique moments of silence before the new year, with an invitation from the local parish priest for mass at an igloo in the Tobogganing Park. This will be followed by a fondue, which is optional.

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