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All things bright and beautiful in Courchevel

Don't you just love it when you see a skiing trend in actual real life? We recently blogged about a bright and bold fashion trend in ski and snowboarding clothing and during a ski trip to the fabulous Three Valleys resort of Courchevel it was clear that this All Things Bright and Beautiful fad is being played out on the slopes. Suddenly it seems as though skiers and boarders are not only in competition to swish down the slopes faster and more beautifully, but they are also keen to outshine their peers in brighter-than-bright ski jackets and trousers.

Bright and bold skiing outfits

A top ski clothing combo for men, as seen on both skiers and boarders in the French Alps, is bright orange or yellow matched (?!) with bright blues and greens. Orange ski trousers were being partnered with fabulously blue jackets, while so many more men than ever before seemed happy to don yellow ski trousers and partner this with blue, red, green or orange ski jackets. For women, the skiing clothes fashion focuses on bright pink, turquoise, lime green and some jackets feature several of these colours at once. The most popular look was either black or white trousers and a very brightly coloured jackets or else a black jacket combined with bright pink or bright green ski trousers. And there was fur everywhere! Fur edged collars, hoods, cuffs, hems, trousers and hats. Seeing as Courchevel is a destination for the rich and famous in top resort 1850 (as well as the more budget conscious in Courchevel 1300), there appeared to be a fair number of Russians sported actual real-live fur clothing too. We're not in favour of real fur but the fake fur-edged outfits looked pretty smart... until, presumably, they become drowned by wet snow.

Rainbow coloured lift queues

No longer is it dull to stand in a lift queue. Simply look around and count the number of different colours of jackets and trousers. See if you can match trousers with jackets (even if they are on other people) and count the numbers of shades of rainbow hues on display. We can recall years when ski clothing was black, white, pastel or faded out. These days, the clothing offers fabulous splashes of colour and fun, even when there's a whiteout.

Top tips for wearing ski clothing colours with style

* Pulling off a combo of bright orange trousers and a bright green jacket isn’t easy for everyone. It seems to suit men, and especially boarders, the best. * Avoid ski jackets and trousers that are exactly the same colour. So wearing bright yellow jackets and trousers is not going to be a winner … and you’ll most likely end up being called a Banana. * Play it safe with a bold coloured jacket and black trousers or a black jacket and brightly hued ski pants. For women, bright pink and black look fab. For men, black pants and lime green jackets are swell. * Accessorise with care. A ski outfit that includes black ski pants and a pink ski jacket only requires a little enhancement. Perhaps choose a white ski helmet with a pink design but try to avoid a full-on pink helmet! You could add a little contrasting colour with a pair of goggles that feature bright green or blue. * Try not to go overboard with every item in a different colour – unless you want to look like a children’s TV show presenter. Bright is great but only in small amounts.

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