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Being There – By Field Productions

I woke up this morning with the urge to get onto Youtube and Vimeo and check out some cool freeski videos. After an hour of envy I realised I only had around 15 minutes to catch my train to work, so running like a high school geek with red cheeks, a sweaty fringe and puffy cheeks became my morning look, to the amusement of all the kids on the commute. Back to the videos, one that particularly caught my eye was field productions latest ski movie instalment....“Being There”. The movie was shot on various locations around Norway, Sweden and Japan and features some great athletes such as Tom Wallisch and Aleksander Aurdal. The movie is all about Freeskiing, and the stunning scenery accompanied with immense action shots display an extreme passion for the sport. And armed with a top notch film crew and their high end HD cameras, means this move will blow your mind. The release date was the 26th of October 2011, one for the Christmas list I think.

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