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Chechnya 'to be newest ski resort'

A Russian tycoon is planning on developing Chechnya into a high-end skiing destination to rival resorts in France and Switzerland. Ruslan Baisarov's £250 million project, with support from the Kremlin and a group of Russian businessmen, includes the development of 17 pistes, luxury chalets and hotels in the village of Veduchi, located at an altitude of 1800m. The funding for the resort, which plans to open in five years, has been backed by the Russian government, led by skiing enthusiast Vladimir Putin, as part of a larger initiative to normalise the region after years of war. However, the Foreign Office has issued warnings against travel to the area. Developers claim the resort will not be hit by Chechnya's notorious power cuts after its opening, and holidaymakers can also opt for the upcoming resort of luxury hotels lining the Caspian Sea in neighbouring Dagestan.

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