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Craghoppers Walking Trousers : The Nosilife Pro - A Review

These trousers are ideal for Hikers who want plenty of unrestricted movement when walking or for those with larger legs that find standard cargo walking pants hard to fit. The are suitable for anything from general walking to walking in mosquito abundant areas including near water, camping and travel in Malaria effected countries.




I recently wore a pair of women's Nosilife Pro Convertible trousers out on a hike to test out the many features that have been included by Craghoppers. The women's trousers share many of the same features of the men's trousers except for cut, fit and there is a belt included on the men's version.



First Impressions:

I found the stretch to be great on these. As someone with larger legs I dread finding a pair of walking trousers to fit properly around the thigh but this stretch material provides a really nice fit. The fabric is polyamide which feels tougher than a polyester or cotton pair so should be durable when walking though brambles.




There is a hidden elasticated waist at the front; I hate visible elasticated waists on my walking trousers as it instantly makes you feel your age. Craghoppers have added an internal system which means they look like a standard waist band but they offer more stretchy comfort without everyone knowing it. This means the pant fits flat underneath tops too but most importantly won’t restrict twisting movements when you’re hiking.




The small zipped internal pocket on the right side is very large and deep, so perfect for any valuables no matter the size. Many brands do offer a zipped security pocket and often you can literally fit a few coins or a key in there so this attention to detail is refreshing.




The cut of the trouser is a wider leg rather than tapering in and a really flattering fit, especially over walking boots.




On the trail:

I hiked on a drizzly but hot day and these trousers certainly did the job. Although they don’t have a water resistant coating like some of the other trousers in the Craghoppers range they did dry very quickly when I was caught in a few rain showers. I wear my sunglasses permanently while outdoors and found the hidden glasses wipe in the left pocket really useful when there was a downpour.




The main selling point of these walking trousers is the NosiLife permanent insect repellent. Basically, Craghoppers states that the fabric kills 90% of biting insects on contact and so, as I'm usually a mosquito’s lunch whenever I step outdoors I was keen to test this feature out. I did walk through some pockets of midges but to be honest I didn't notice the pants working their magic. I pondered this and assumed this was the point; I hadn't been bitten and if I had been I would have known about it. Also, I don’t like applying repellent creams, especially DEET products that can ruin a Gore-Tex or other membrane jacket so having something built into the trousers was perfect for me.





These washed well at 30 degrees and didn't shrink in length which is something I often have an issue with in Cargo style trousers. Unfortunately they can’t be tumble dried but as they are quick drying, they didn't take long on the line. The label states they don’t need to be ironed which is great when you’re camping or travelling away but I found they did need an iron and using a cool setting worked a treat.





  • I am a bit miffed that the mens version comes with a belt and the womens didn't, as this is a great extra. However, you do pay a little more for this.
  • Most of the Craghoppers trouser range include plenty of pockets. Whilst this style has 5 pockets (3 of which had a zip) I would have liked a few more, but that's my personal preference.
  • Are the pockets too deep? I sang the praises of having wonderfully large pockets before setting off but on the trail these were a bit annoying as my phone and other accessories sat right down my leg and were harder to retrieve.
  • A water resistant coating would have been nice just to speed up run off.





The Craghoppers NosiLife Pro Trousers are a great fitting alternative to a standard cargo walking pant. I loved the stretch which meant I could walk faster, twist and bend without any trouble or digging in.




Despite being labelled as a cheaper hiking brand these walking pants were very well made and had a lot of attention to detail including reinforced hems and a security key clip in the pocket. The best part of buying a Craghopper product is that they come with a lifetime guarantee meaning if a fault does become apparent during the lifetime of the garment it will be repaired or replaced for new.






  • I bought a pair of the Kiwi Stretch Pro Craghoppers, and boy are they amazing. Having larger thighs myself, I was dreading trying to climb up a large ledge and being stuck or, worse, having the behind seam rip on me. But they were great! I’m gonna load up on these trousers, I think!

  • This is indeed an awesome trouser, that anyone can take to move for hiking. It has an exceptional design and look…

    Eliza Annis

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