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Fresh Snow In Italy and France

If you've been worried about booking a last minute ski holiday in Europe because of the lack of snow, you'll be pleased to know the best snowfall has come this week in Europe in time for half term. The best snow conditions seem to be in Italy at the moment. Some regions have seen big dumps of white stuff with more than 50cm falling in some places! This has created some brilliant skiing conditions, even off-piste, which seemed to be something of the past for some places. It's not just Italy that has seen good snowfall this week; many French resorts have welcomed fresh snow after a dry spell, particularly in the south where you will find the most snow at the moment. Although conditions up high are fairly good, some of the slopes lower on the mountains still need fresh snow, however, more is forecast in time for half term. Switzerland and Austria have also received snow this week, not as much as Italy and France, some regions missing out totally. However, further up the mountains you will find good snow conditions. If you're looking to go further afield, then California has some amazing powder, with 76cm falling on Wednesday alone in Squaw Valley, and Whistler has received 181cm of snow in the last 8 days taking them above their average for snowfall this season already! Not only is there great snow to be had, but there are some great ski holiday bargains to be snapped up too - ifyouski.com have some fantastic deals to offer you for this season, so why not check them out?

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