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Gear Review: Top 5 Winter Walking Boots

Choosing the right boot is top priority to any hiker. So picking the perfect boot for winter walking can be a tricky one! That’s why the team here at Simply Hike have come up with our top 5 walking boots to help you pick the right ones. Let’s get to it shall we?  







At number 5 we have the Hillmaster from Brasher. This is a very popular boot to wear during the summer months but you can also use it during winter time as well. The sole isn’t crampon compatible but it still offers lots of grip, making it ideal for low level winter walking.

Due to the boot's Gore-Tex, even in “slushy snow” it will keep you dry. The full grain leather will help to keep your feet toasty and works really well with a nice thick sock.

The memory foam built into the collar means you will get a great fit straight out the box. There is also added rand around the boot, so if you are walking on rougher terrain this will offer you great protection. No wonder it has been voted “Britain’s favourite walking boot!”


Our Rating: bar7      









At number 4 we have Salomon’s Cosmic 4D walking boot. This boot is another summer favourite for hikers, but you can also use this boot for winter walking as well. With its high support at the ankle and the 4D chassis built into the boot you can rest assured that you will be comfortable and get all the support you need when walking in the winter.

The sensifit cradles the foot giving you a precise fit which will help you when walking on icy ground. The sole isn’t crampon compatible but the Contagrip design will keep you on the ground no matter what you are walking on. The additional toe box at the front is also great for protecting… well your toes!


Our Rating: bar7      









In at number 3 we have the Asolo Powermatic boot. This is a great full grain leather boot. The sole is stiff which will help boost your confidence when walking on snow and ice (although it isn’t crampon compatible). Whilst we are talking about the sole, it’s made from Vibram ensuring you that you have an amazing grip.

The Powermatic is Gore-Tex so there is no worry about it leaking. Also the fact the boot is full grain leather only adds to how solid this boot really is. The boot is ideal for people that have narrower feet due to its Italian design. And lastly it offers “full height” on the ankle which will prevent any twists of the ankle, which I think we can all agree is a great feature to have when winter walking.


Our Rating: bar8      









In at number 2 we have Meindl’s Bhutan walking boot. This is a re-vamp of the classic Burma Pro which has been about for well over 15 years! The Bhutan still has an amazingly stiff sole which is ideal for winter walking. The Digafix system gives you an amazing fit so when you pop this boot on your foot, straightaway you will feel a difference in fit.

The boot has Gore-Tex for its waterproofing so during the winter time you won’t find any issues with this keeping out the “slushy snow”, and working with the nubuck leather it will keep you warm. The main thing about the Bhutan is that it is hand made in Germany so the quality is ridiculously high!


Our Rating: bar9      








Here we go guys, at number 1 we of course have Mammut's Magic boot. The Magic has all the usual tech that you will see on other boots, Gore-Tex, Vibram etc. But one thing this boot has that our other contenders don’t is that it is B2 crampon compatible making it the most versatile boot we sell here at Simply Hike.

Even though the sole is solid the boot uses Mammut's Base Fit system which has free sliding bands on the insole which prevent the foot from slipping. This means even if you are just using the boot for general walking it will still be comfortable, so it’s really ticking all the boxes here. The lacing system gives you a snug fit in the forefoot and this even adapts to the shape of your foot!

The high cut rubber edge gives you great protection so no matter what you are doing whether it’s hiking, scrambling, climbing or even via ferrata you are covered!


Our Rating: bar10       




There we have it, our top 5 walking boots for winter. Of course these boots are really only the tip of the iceberg, we have hundreds of other boots on our website! We would love to hear what boots you wear for winter walking so comment below!


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