Get Walking Keep Walking

Do you know somebody who would benefit from regular exercise outdoors? If so, pass this on. Yesterday's White Paper on public health saw the government striving to 'nudge' people to lead healthier lifestyles. Walking is a great, simple way for people to ease into exercise and Britain’s walking charity has the key to get the nation on its feet. The Ramblers (  BIG lottery funded ‘Get Walking Keep Walking’ project offers friendly group support and interesting routes to show how anyone can build walking into part of their regular routine and get healthier and happier as a result. ‘Get Walking Keep Walking’ has been proven to increase activity levels with 25% more people achieving the recommended 5 x 30minutes of walking each week after taking part in the programme. Indeed, a survey taking 12 weeks after participants had completed the scheme showed that they walked for 2 hours more each week on average then they had done previously. So far, the project has helped nudge over 86,000 people to make great strides in terms of their health and happiness. Chris Leigh, Get Walking Keep Walking project manager, said, “What Get Walking Keep Walking has shown us is something that we’ve known for quite a while: walking works. The difficult part is getting people to take those first steps out of their front door and show them how they can build walking into part of their every day routine. We’ve developed a programme that not only gets people to start walking but crucially manages to keep them walking, helping to improve their physical and mental health well into the future.” The free Get Walking pack contains a 12-week walking plan, a logbook to track progress and a free step counter as well as all the information you need to get started. It's the perfect introduction to the benefits of walking but, sadly, not available throughout the country. However, anyone can complete the 12 week walking programme by registering at Get Walking Keep Walking showcase events are taking place in: Birmingham 3rd December 2010 London 6th December 2010 Sheffield 10th December 2010

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