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Going Camping Provides Fun and Healthy Exercise Options for People with Cancer

  Camping is a fun way for people with cancer to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.  When people combine occasional weekend camping retreats with consistent and moderate amounts of exercise throughout the week, the result can be significantly increased physical strength.  Increased physical strength plays an important part in how well a person is able to physically withstand the treatments that are vital to getting the body rid of cancer such as mesothelioma. It is imperative to get plenty of exercise in order to fight cancer and prevent recurrence. Going camping can be a romantic interlude for couples if one of the persons has cancer.  Camping can also be a great family activity if a child or adult has cancer.  Even friends can rally together and plan a weekend getaway camping trip for a co-worker or a neighbor who has cancer.  Camping involves a lot of activities such as canoeing, rafting, setting up tents, small hiking trips back and forth to rivers, packing equipment and barbequing.  Even better, there is typically a lot of sunshine involved. Each of these things are physical activities that can help a cancer person to get physical exercise, a vital part of maintaining strength while going through treatments. If a person with cancer feels up to unloading an SUV with camping equipment but then becomes too tired to set up the tent, this is a good time for a break.  Scenic walks, bird watching, taking pictures while walking around a lake or up and down a river are all fun ways to get exercise while camping.  Going fishing, carrying coolers filled with cold drinks and sandwiches, and helping to row a small boat on a float trip are other ways that a person can get exercise during a camping trip. Many campsites offer inexpensive rates for people who bring tents.  In addition to this, some campgrounds will also include raft rentals for a discounted price if a family or a group stays overnight at the campground in a tent.  Camping on a budget is fun and provides a relaxing, refreshing time for everyone to reconnect, regroup, and to let pressures and stress slip away.  Not only will the person with cancer most likely benefit from the exercise and exposure to nature, the family and friends will benefit as well. The University of Missouri provides current information on how getting consistent amounts of exercise can help to enhance cancer prevention and a person’s ability to fight cancer.  It is imperative that a person who has cancer understands the benefits of exercise. The more amount of exercise he or she incorporates into a weekly schedule, the better the odds are of boosting decreased energy levels.  This plays a significant role in determining how well a person is able to fight the disease. Since surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation can be so physically draining, it is important that a person with cancer try to prevent physical depletion by getting as much exercise as possible.

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