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Great ways to get the kids active outdoors

Are you struggling to think up ways to keep the kids happy this summer? Yes, we know that when us adults were young we were simply sent outdoors with little more than our bikes and an imagination, but these days life is a little more spoon-fed. Which is why so many parents will be delighted by these concepts which are aimed at getting families and youngsters active outdoors. BattleBox This company reckons that adventure is lacking in so many children’s lives. They say: “Far too many children have never fished, started a camp fire, walked the hills, used a compass, swum in natural water or marvelled at the night sky above.” And they could well be very right. So BattleBox is keen to educate and inspire children to explore the world around them. They add: “We want to encourage children to get off their computers and televisions and to see that the real world is a far more exciting place to be. “We want show them that even in the most unexpected and unremarkable places there are many adventures to be had. Even a back yard is capable of transformation to base camp and a pile of stones a secret den - all that's needed is a little imagination and some BattleBox kit.” The BattleBox kits include:
  • The Dangerous Den Kit
  • The Extreme Ambush Kit
  • The Extreme Survival Kit
  • The Great British Adventurer’s Kit
  • The Great British Campfire Kit
  • The Great British Camping Kit and many more. 
What’s in the Dangerous Den kit (for example)? Dens are wonderful things – and everyone should have our Dangerous one! The kit contains military tarpaulin that is 100% waterproof and UV protected, with plenty of strong rope and steel pegs to secure your den. With a large camouflage net and a wooden DANGER MINES sign hanging from the nearest tree, it will certainly make anyone think twice before invading. The hessian sand bags filled with straw, leaves or sand will provide even greater protection. And what about the Camping Kit? The camping kit includes a genuine army tent that is tough and 100% waterproof – and the perfect size for a couple of adventurers and their dogs. You might choose to cook in your mess tins over the campfire, ending your meal with toasted marshmallows on sharpened sticks and a mug of Help for Heroes hot chocolate, then, turning into your cosy sleeping bag you can read stories by the light of your lantern. See BattleBox Treasure Trails A Treasure Trail is an imaginative way to explore somewhere new. An easy-to-follow route will enable you to crack the clues while taking in some of the most fascinating sights along the way. Each treasure hunt is completed in your own time. With a map or an app, you can set off to explore towns, cities and the countryside solving the clues as you go. Treasure Trails brings the traditional treasure hunt into the 21st century. See Treasure trails Park Adventurers A new downloadable game, Park Adventurer encourage outdoor play by providing a “fun, educational, outdoor activity that parents can join in, too”. Park Adventurers includes trivia questions about objects found in parks and other natural spaces. Children learn about natural habitats, British wildlife, litter and other facts about trees, while exploring their local park. The chances are that parents will embrace the game with open arms as they reach that tricky part of the school holidays where kids are just a little bore with being off school! Park Adventurers also has sections to stick on collected items, such as leaves and pine cones, and areas to colour in with tree rubbings, as well as other fun activities that will keep children between the ages of four and eight amused. The game can be downloaded as a PDF

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