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'Hamster' struggling for ski insurance

Injury-ravaged Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond has admitted that a history of personal scrapes has left him struggling to get insurance for a skiing holiday. The presenter was left fighting for his life after a horrific smash three years ago as he drove a jet-powered dragster. And now an ankle injury has left him struggling to get cover for a festive trip, he told Absolute Radio. The star - known as Hamster - said his history means insurers were already reluctant to take him on. He said: "Running in the woods, I twisted my ankle so the holiday insurers say we can't insure you. "It is always a tremendous moment - say the name Richard Hammond, long pause, 'any accidents in the last ...?' yes, all right, yes there have been." He added: "I'm collecting rubbish ailments. I've had kidney stones, they're not very heroic. Athlete's foot, that's a puller. Hernia, oh yeah. "Now I've twisted my ankle. None of them are the kind of things you lean on at parties."

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