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Helly Hansen Pace SS T-Shirt Review

If you watch any of the product videos on the simply hike website or on our YouTube channel you may notice that I always wear the Helly Hansen (HH) Pace SS t shirt. I wear this t-shirt on all the videos I shoot whether that’s in our studio, shop or on location so it really does get put through its paces! I want to firstly talk about the fit of the t shirt. It’s designed as a second skin, so it does need to be tight fitting. I'm normally a size small but I had to jump up to a medium in order to get the right fit as a small was just that little bit too tight for me. The overall fit and feel was really good - I didn’t feel that the t shirt was to loose or too tight when it came to moving a lot so I knew the t-shirt would be able to cope with everything well. IMG_5169 I don't just wear it in the studio shooting product videos! I recently have worn whilst single track mountain biking, hiking in my local woods and I also wore it when I went to Wales recently so it's truly been tested under many conditions. When I was cycling, the t-shirt it kept me really cool throughout the trails and it even worked well with my flow system on my rucksack keeping me cool throughout. When out hiking yet again the HH cool system really worked at keeping me cool and its Lifa system kept me nice and dry. The two systems really do complement each other, contributing to giving you a great feel when wearing it. When I was wearing the Pace SS in Wales, I had at least three days of glorious sunshine (I know - in Wales!!!) even though the t-shirt is black it still kept me cool, even when I was scrambling up mountains which I was really surprised about. I thought at the end of the day I would have been a sweaty mess but I wasn’t! A nice touch Helly Hanson have also incorporated is that the Pace SS has a UPF rating of 30 so not only did I not sweat whilst wearing the t-shirt it also protected me from the sun's rays in sunny Wales. My overall verdict is that the Pace SS from Helly Hanson is a good bit of kit! It will keep you dry no matter what activity you are doing. Apart from having to go up a size in the t-shirt the fit was perfect! It really held close against my chest so no matter what activity I was doing, it moved with me and didn't get in the way or cause any discomfort. I would highly recommend. 3 (6)  

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