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Hike The New Wales Coast Path - Soon!

It's just eight months before the new Wales Coast Path is officially opened and the work undertaken by coastal authorities is progressing well. Once completed in 2012, the 850-mile long Wales Coast Path will link up existing coastal trails to provide a continuous route from the outskirts of Chester to Chepstow. Work to create the Wales Coast Path is managed by the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW; www.ccw.gov.uk) on behalf of the Welsh Government and delivered by local authorities. It is funded by the Welsh Government, the European Union and the coastal local authorities. It offers an exciting and rewarding challenge to walkers and backpackers who, by linking up with the Offa's Dyke Path can complete a circuit of the country. Not in a couple of weeks, of course, but it does offer a fantastic long summer break or series of holidays over a few years. The CCW Chairman Morgan Parry is encouraging everyone involved to redouble their efforts to ensure the Path becomes a fantastic new resource for visitors. He said, “There is real excitement that the Coast Path is going to provide a valuable boost to the economy of coastal areas, attracting visitors as well as local people to enjoy this unique resource that we will have created. In terms of public health, it is more important than ever that we create the best possible opportunities for people to enjoy walking and all the benefits of being active outdoors. Creating access for everyone is an important aspect of this project – some sections of path will be suitable for people with disabilities, families with prams/buggies, those on horse back and cyclists.”

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