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Italian glacier wrapped in blanket

Officials at an Italian ski resort are rolling out an enormous insulating blanket in a bid to slow the rate at which its glacier is melting.

The Presena glacier in Trento province in the north of the country is being wrapped in a 4mm-thick layer of insulation that stretches across 970,000sq ft.

The project was given the green light after a trial in 2008 found areas kept under the blanket lost up to 60% less ice than areas left exposed to the sun.

A spokesman for the resort, whose slopes are closed for the summer, said the blanket will remain in place until September, ahead of the season getting into full swing again in October.

The project is one of a number being undertaken by ski resorts anxious to minimise the ecological impact of the sport, with Serre Chevalier in France boasting 25% of its power now comes from renewable sources.

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