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Join the family camping trend

Camping is on-trend and growing by the year. Most likely fuelled by the stay-cation, campsites across the UK are reporting increased bookings and already some sites are full for the popular school holiday weeks. The style of camping has also changed over the years. These days, families are looking for more luxuries when they choose a holiday under canvas (or nylon!) with their children and the camping equipment manufacturers have been happy to meet this demand. Camping - or as some like to call it, Glamping – offers a cheap and healthy holiday option for families. Once you have purchased the family tent, bedding and the basic cooking utensils your holiday equipment is yours to use as many times a year or on as many annual holidays as you desire. And if camping memories from your childhood include leaking, saggy tents, damp sleeping bags and cold porridge you'll be delighted to discover that modern day camping is all about being warm, dry, comfortable and well fed.

Impressive range of modern camping kit

* Tents from single pods to family tents the size of a semi-detached house * Sleeping bags for couples, men, women and kids * Blow up mattresses, pillows, camping beds * Heaters, fridges, gas cookers, carpet, larders * Wine glasses, matching crockery and cutlery * Solar heated showers, wind up radios, mobile phone chargers The list of glamping luxuries is endless.

Where to go camping this Easter or Summer

As camping demands rise, so a couple of handy guides ot campsites have been published. Scotland Camping with Kids Cool Camping Dog-friendly Camping and caravan Sites And camping websites to check out : Camping and Caravan Club Scottish Camping Tell us where you plan to go camping this year.

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