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Letley Completes 100 Snowdon Climbs

Rocker Matt Letley has marked yet another milestone in his career, this time away from the traditional 'rock' world, after completing his 100th ascent of Snowdon. The Status Quo drummer reached his ton with two climbs of the 3,560ft peak in a single day, and bolstered the achievement by performing the same night in Warrington. He first scaled the mountain in Wales at the age of seven and steadily built up his total climbs until he got close to the century mark. Letley said: "A few weeks into the Quid Pro Quo UK tour I grabbed the chance to make my 100th ascent of Snowdon. "The only problem was my total climbs to date stood at only 98. The solution seemed obvious - climb it twice in one day." He added: "I have to admit my legs were a tad sore the next day but the show in Warrington that evening was most definitely rocking. Playing drums wasn't a problem but getting on and off the drum riser was." Status Quo celebrated their 40 years in showbusiness this year. According to Letley's bandmate Rick Parfitt, the drummer is "mad, of course". He said: "It's an amazing achievement. I can't decide what is more crazy, climbing Snowdon 100 times, or doing it twice in one day."

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