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Luxury Cornish Yurts

Luxury Cornish Yurts (www.luxurycornishyurts.co.uk) was a new venture for us. We opened in the summer of 2009, inspired by a visit to a remote Tanzanian Safari Park where we had stayed a couple of years earlier.  We very much wanted to provide our guests with something quite unique, as well as luxurious, and LCY was the culmination of a few years very hard work. We set out to buy the best yurts that we could find and eventually found what we were looking for in Totnes.  We bought two from Tobias Fairlove.  We visited several yurt makers in our quest to find the perfect yurt and these stood out as being the most ecologically produced as well as the most inherently beautiful.  We were bowled over by the workmanship of these yurts, made from coppiced sweet chestnut and ash.   Each yurt pole is absolutely individual and bears the marks of the tree from where it came.  The poles are all hand stripped by Toby’s assistant Jacob and then steam bent and no two poles are identical. Next, we wanted to make sure that our guests had somewhere comfortable and warm to socialise, relax and eat in a really aesthetic environment.  So David set about renovating the wooden barn that was falling into disrepair in our field.  Over the winter of 2008/9 he converted the old cowshed into the new ‘Cowshed Kitchen’ as well as four individual shower rooms and a laundry room.  Large spacious decks surround the barn where guests can sit and relax in the evening or have a BBQ. The Cowshed Kitchen is almost unrecognisable now to its former self.  It now houses a really modern well equipped kitchen with seating for up to 18 people.  Each yurt has their own designated kitchen space with own fridge, hob, sink, cupboards and food preparation area.  Each kitchen area is also individually equipped so no sharing facilities.  Just the dishwasher is a shared resource as we put one in for large groups who book the site for parties or social gatherings to celebrate a special event.  We also invested in some really nice artwork to reflect the previous life of the barn with a large original acrylic cow picture by Nicky Harwood, the ‘Cow Lady’.   It is our most commented on addition after the yurts! The yurts themselves are also very luxurious with proper king sized beds and good mattresses, futons and a full sized wood burning stove standing within a brick and slate fireplace.  The yurts are also furnished with oak furniture and plenty of extra storage for a family of four or five.  There are contemporary rugs and other little touches that make the yurts really romantic and special.  Lanterns and tea lights are provided as well as rechargeable torches and lanterns as the yurts do not have electricity.   However, for those of you who don’t want to rough it too much the barn does have all the conveniences of home.  Heated towel rails, central heating, hairdryers, leather sofas and wi-fi to name but a few. Just last year we added the firepit area.  This area is just outside the barn and it has an open firepit and plenty of seating for guests who enjoy an open fire.  You can even BBQ on the firepit although there is also a large gas BBQ as well.  You can also pick your own herbs in our very prolific herb border in the firepit area.  Solar lighting also compliments our eco-friendly credentials and makes the whole area very inviting on a warm summer evening.  Even in the colder out of season times the cosy and comfy barn, as well as the fully lined yurts, and copious supply of solar powered hot water make sure that our guests leave a very small carbon footprint during their stay. This year, in 2011, we have just added our third and last yurt.  Slightly different from the other two but furnished identically, it has a very thick oatmeal coloured liner, flecked with the colour of the sheep from which the wool was shorn.  It stands a little way off from the other two yurts with a slightly larger deck than the others.  All the yurts also have a patio table and chairs so that you can sit quietly on your own veranda and watch the sun go down over the Cornish countryside. We hope that all our guests leave here with their batteries recharged and ready to face the world again after their little sojourn here at Luxury Cornish Yurts. In fact we have tried to think of everything possible to make our guests as welcome and comfortable as possible.  All they need to do is turn up and relax! Interested in booking a trip?  You can call Lindsey landline: 01579 343896 or mobile: 07962224285 or e mail them at relax@luxurycornishyurts.co.uk

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