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Mammut Magic GTX Boot: A Personal Review

About four months ago I got a pair of Mammut Magic walking boots (I thought because they were magic they would make me fly up the mountain… turns out I was wrong!). I got them for my recent trip to Scotland (A Week in the Mountains: Winter Skills). But it turns out my first test with these boots would be in an advanced scrambling class in Wales.




The first thing I had to get used to was how high up the boot was around the ankle. Whilst we were hiking up to the scrambling points I could really feel the support it was giving me, which to be honest I wasn't expecting. I’m used to stiff soles but the soles on the Magic are something else. I spent most of the two days digging my toe box on or into the smallest of gaps and cracks on the mountain's face and the sole held its own.




I was worried about the general hike to the scrambling points (as I said before I was used to a stiff sole) but I needn’t have worried. The boots were comfortable on the flats, accents and descents, it felt like I was wearing a normal pair of walking boots.


The fact that the lace system is pretty much on your big toe means you can get a really nice fit and over the course of these two days it was just a nice touch that I could adjust the laces that low down.




We created a short video of what I got up to on those two days scrambling and in this video I wore my Mammut Magic boots, have a watch here if you want to see them in action:




With the boots “broken in” it was time to hit the snow and ice! I couldn’t wait to strap a pair of crampons on and really test them out on what they were built to do. Have you ever been to Scotland in the winter? If you have then you will know most of the time you will need to walk a bit before you even hear the first crunch of snow.



With that in mind I did a lot of general walking with magics on my feet. We hiked further, higher and on steeper terrain than when I wore them in Wales but guess what? They felt amazing on my feet. The ankle support really helped, and the grip I could get with the boot was fantastic!


Once we had finally reached the snow we put on our crampons (with our gloves on…but don’t worry we mastered it by the end of the week). They worked perfectly with the boots (as they should), the simple clip system on the crampons just clipped into the grooves of the boot, job done!



Crampons attached to my boots, let’s go! I will say the first time I came across ice I did try to dodge it then I thought to myself “stop being silly!” and I took my first step. The crampon points went into the ice and the boot stayed solid and moved perfectly with the crampons.


6 I can safely say that I have never trusted a boot as much as I trust my Mammut Magic GTX walking boots. They ended up being perfect for just general walking, I even wear them when I’m walking along the coast. I also took them with me when Simply Hike went to the IMS in Italy (even though we ended up not needing them). To me they have been a surprise because I already have a couple of pairs of just general “hiking” boots but now I just wear the Magic for all types of walking! 3 And of course when it came to scrambling up in Wales and playing in the snow in Scotland they were perfect, they fitted me fine, felt secure when stepping on the ice and snow and most importantly I felt very confident wearing them! Guess what? Yup that's right we have a Winter Skills video of my Scotland trip as well for you to enjoy:   If you are looking at getting a pair of boots that you can wear pretty much all year round (if you like a stiff sole) then the Mammut Magic Boot is definitely something to look into. My Rating: bar10


  • Thanks for the review – just wanted to ask how the insulation is . Im looking to maybe by a pair of these for using on Mont Blanc in the summer but then also I will use them mainly in high altitude in the Andes after that (I live in Bolivia mostly so 6000m+ is kind of normal). So I guess im interesting in knowing if the insulation is up to scratch and also if they are brreathable enough for not so cold conditions in europe

    Phil Rice
  • I’m glad I came across this review. I just picked up a pair of these boots for general mountain hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire because I feel I needed something with more support over my Salomon quest 4d (still a great boot) The whites are a lot of mixed terrain with flats, large step up boulders, and scrambles, not to mention some decent alpine zones. When I first unwrapped these I thought they might be a bit too rigid but after wearing them around the house and working out in them I found they breathed well and were super comfy. I will be taking them out in about a week to the Whites and with any luck there will be a couple inches of snow in the higher elevations. I’m happy to see these boots performed well for you and I think I made a good choice after reading your review.

    Martin Dorau
  • Hey Matt,

    Thank you for the feedback much appreciated! The Quest 4D is a great boot Had a couple over the years! But yeah I was really impress well with everything the Magic had to offer in the summer and winter!



  • Hi Shaun
    Great Blog Post – I have just purchased the Salomon Quest 4D, which have performed well on a recent trek to the Snowdon summit. However, it seems the Mammut would have been even better
    Matt Clayton
    GrabLife Blog

    Matt Clayton
  • Hi Phil,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Mammut do not give any exact specs on the insulation of the boots other than to say that they are suitable for down to -20 degrees C, providing that the socks and/or liners you are wearing are sufficient for the purpose.

    Kind regards,
    Jack, Simply Hike.

    Simply Hike

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