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New In: Salomon Footwear 2015

header As you may be aware we are starting to get our spring gear in (whoop!) but have you seen the new range of Salomon footwear? If not you might want to put on a pair of shades because they are pretty bright (which we think is awesome here at Simply Hike). Let us introduce you to the latest from Salomon:


Men’s Footwear

1-50887 Let’s start with the popular men’s Salomon Quest 4D boot. This is one of Salomon’s most popular walking boots, it's covered in Gore-Tex to keep your feet dry no matter the weather. The Quest has a Contagrip sole which looks like it has been taken from a motorbike! Contagrip gives amazing grip on all types of ground making the Quest a great boot for coastal walks or up to level one scrambling. Using Salomon’s Sensifit design the Quest has a snug fit and offers great stability from the mid up to the lacing system. The Sensifit works perfectly with the Quests 4D chassis which gives you great foot control and protection through the boot.   2-50880 Up next we have the classic men’s X Ultra trail shoe. The Ultra has a Gore-Tex lining which will keep your feet dry on the trails, this also works really well with the Ultra mesh upper, as it gives you great breathability. The Ultra has a Contagrip sole and the design for the sole has been taken from the tread of a mountain bike tyre, offering you great grip no matter the terrain you are walking on. The quick lace system allows you to put this trail shoe on quickly, this also stops the lace from becoming loose meaning you have great hold on your feet all day! The X Ultra also features Salomon’s Sensifit system making the trail shoe nice and snug and also giving you great stability throughout the shoe.   3-50876 New for 2015 (well to us here at Simply Hike) we have the awesome looking Speedcross 3 trail shoe. This trail shoe is aimed at the runners and the fast hikers! It’s designed just like the X Ultra so you are guaranteed a brilliant fit thanks to the Sensifit. However it doesn’t have a Gore-Tex membrane, this is purely to increase the breathability to the Speedcross. The sole of the Speedcross uses Salomon’s Mud & Snow design on the Contagrip sole. Due to the spacing of the grip you can run in the muddiest mud ever and you won’t get stuck. Keeping true to the designs of Contagrip this is based on a single track mountain bike tyre. You still get Salomon’s quick lace system, Ortholite sock liner and anti-debris mesh. The Speedcross is ideal for anyone looking to push their limits, take a look at this video to see it in action:


Women’s Footwear

4-50888 Let’s take a look at the Salomon Conquest boot. The Conquest is the most popular Ladies boot that Salomon make! The Gore-Tex lining will keep your feet dry, but working with the suede leather the boot still stays breathable. The Conquest also has a Contagrip sole which is based on a mountain bike tyre. So rest assured it will give you amazing grip no matter the terrain you are walking on. This boot uses Salomon’s Sensifit structure giving you a snug but stable fit from the sole up to the lace. The Conquest uses Ortholite which is a sock liner with foam which creates a cooler, healthier and more cushioned environment under your foot.   5-50881 The Women’s X Ultra is a lightweight trail shoe. This shoe is perfect for coastal walking, dog walking or even alpine walking. It has a Contagrip sole which true to form is based on a mountain bike tread. This offers you amazing grip no matter the terrain you are walking or hiking on. It uses a Gore-Tex membrane to keep your feet dry, this also works brilliantly with the Ultra's mesh upper giving you great breathability. The quick lace system means you can quickly lace up these trail shoes and head out to the mountains and they will stay tight throughout the day! The X Ultras uses Salomon’s Sensifit system giving you a snug but stable fit.
The last piece of footwear we would like to talk about is (yup you guessed it) the Women’s Speedcross 3! Boy aren’t they bright! These, for want of a better word, are a hybrid of the X Ultra, they still have the Sensifit structure, Ortholite sock liner and anti-debris lining. To increase the breathability of this trail shoe they have removed the Gore-Tex lining and instead replaced it with a water resistant coating. The Contagrip sole has also been changed, they have incorporated Salomon’s Mud and Snow design which offers a lot more grip but also due to the spacing of the sole means you can run or hike in the muddiest of mud and you will be fine! Once again, the Contagrip sole is based on a single track mountain bike tyre   We told you they were bright! Want to be kept in the loop when new products come in? Then why not look at the new in page on our site. Click >here< to view the page. What do you think of the new Salomon footwear? We would love to hear what you have to say so just comment below!

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