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Save your own ski jacket for best

“Roll up, Roll up, Come and Get your Ski Jackets”.  The great thing about waiting in line for ski jackets is the excitement and frisson of worry that by the time you get to the front there won’t be any choice of sizes in the ski jackets left and you’ll end up looking ridiculous for the whole season. Imagine you’re young and you’ve just got yourself a job in a French ski resort.  The whole season beckons with snow, sun and fun instead of the grey, dull days of a winter in Britain.  In your training week the uniform is dished out and your company supply ski jackets so that you all look smart and you can now be officially recognised as a seasonnaire – a season worker in France.  The company do take care to order the size you said you were but when people actually get their ski jackets sometimes they and the ski jackets do not quite match; in which case the poor Administrator and doler-out-er of ski jackets gets the joy of persuading a handful of people to swop so more of you look slightly ridiculous rather than one or two looking very ridiculous. When all the new seasonnaires are kitted out in their ski jackets the company are pleased because everywhere their ski jackets go so does a walking advert.  And where do these ski jackets go, apart from to and fro your staff chalet to work and back?  Well, the ski jackets find themselves going into the bars and clubs after you finish work.  If your guests haven’t already invited you out to celebrate their holiday with them then you’ll be going to meet your mates anyway and there’s no point going back to change.  The ski jackets get hung up on hooks together or piled on a chair without you worrying too much about them.  After all it’s not really yours and surely no one would want it?  After the first couple of weeks taking care, like you’re told to, the ski jackets of seasonnaires then tend to take a bit of a beating.  Usually designed to be out skiing or boarding, company ski jackets take a hiding on the hill going out as many times as you do, except when your mates from home come to visit and you want to be more incognito.  Seek out your own personal style from a great range of ski jackets at simplypiste.com to be ready for those times when you want to be your own man, not the company man, out enjoying your winter wonderland. The more times you get out, the more likely it is that your ski and snowboard abilities improve dramatically and so therefore does the performance expected from your ski jacket.  Many seasonnaires wear their company ski jackets to ski and board even on their rest days so that their own ski jackets are saved for best.  In general, ski jackets provided by the company are a performance durable ski jacket that will still look good at the end of the season.  After all, the company don’t want their last week of guests to see you representing them looking like something the cat dragged in.

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