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Simply Hike Outdoor Gear Picks For June

Asolo: Avalon Walking Boot

53372 New in for us this month is the Asolo Avalon walking boot. The Avalon is made from suede leather, is 100% waterproof due to its Gore-Tex lining and is rated as a 3 season walking boot. This Asolo walking boot uses Matrix 2.0 technology which has been designed for advanced hikers and trekkers offering the finest performance and technical innovation in a boot. The Duo Asoflex absorbs, reinforces and soften for comfort and performance. The Avalon walking boot has a standard fit with high ankle support making this boot perfect for all types of hikers, walkers, trekkers and scramblers.

Multimat: Superlite 25

multi-superlite-25 The Superlite 25 from Multimat is one of the most popular self-inflating mats that we sell here at Simply Hike. This self-inflating mat is water repellent, covered in durable rip stop material and has a TPU membrane for an air tight seal. The Superlite 25 has a temperature range of -20°C to +50°C so whether you are winter camping or wild camping in the summer, this mat has you covered. When inflated it has a size of 1830x510x25mm and when compact the size is only 260x118mm and it only weighs 475g. Because of all the tech this Multimat has its no wonder why it's a season 5 mat and is one of our “hot picks”.

Salomon: Agile 12 Hydration Pack

52463 The Agile is a great pack for trail running and fell running. This pack is all about keeping it light weight and moving with you. It also has motion fit which is designed to give you more movement within the pack. The Airvent Agility provides amazing back ventilation when hiking or running. With this pack you get a 1.5 litre bladder which is insulated so you really can just buy this pack and hit the hills! You even get a separate bladder section in the pack so your bladder doesn’t interfere with any of your gear. This is a great pack that caters for all hikers and runners.

MSR: Twing Tarp

53149 The Twing from MSR is a brilliant tarp. It has a 15000 HH, pack size of 20x15cm and has a minimum weight of 850g. The way that the Twing works is that you pitch the tent using your walking or trekking poles and then use the guy ropes to secure in place. The Twing from MSR has enough space to sleep 3 people or two people and their equipment. This tarp is perfect for those hikers, trekkers and adventurers that want to keep things light weight, but want lots of space when they pitch up for the night. It gives brilliant weather coverage with excellent ventilation.

Coleman: Rechargeable Quick Pump

52938 The Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump easily inflates and deflates airbeds and other inflatables quickly. This Coleman pump features 12v and 230v chargers so you are able to charge this pump at home via the mains or connect it up your car and charge it as you go. Because of the amazing battery on the quick pump this is one of the most popular pumps that we sell here at Simply Hike. It has a runtime of 20 minutes, has an airflow rate of 679 litres per minute and has a head pressure of 39 mBar. It only weighs 1.3kg and has a cord length of 180cm making it a perfect pump for any camper, hiker or traveller.

Vango: Inflatable Chair

52614 A “hot pick” in our Faversham shop is the Vango Inflatable Chair. The flocked seating area makes it very comfortable to sit on and because you can inflate and deflate the chair you can really customise how you want the seat. This chair can even withstand 120kg of weight which is pretty impressive! The inflated size is: L94 X W83 X H76cm and has a pack size of L37 x W6 x H27cm. The Inflatable Chair has a durable base and comes with repair patches as well. It’s very quick to pump up and to deflate making it brilliant for all types of camping…plus it looks great in the garden as well!     So there we have it our hot picks for June! Do you own any of the above? Then tell us what you think by commenting below.

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