Ski advice for half-term holidays

Families who are about to hit the slopes on a half-term ski break might want to pay heed to a few words of wisdom courtesy of the Ski Club of Great Britain to ensure they have a holiday they will never forget. The mountains can be unforgiving terrain at the best of times, so the organisation recommends that parents check their children have the right kit before they embark on their winter getaway; including helmet, goggles, several layers of clothing, mittens, snow boots and high factor sunscreen. Parents are also advised to check how far their accommodation is from the slopes or ski school meeting points and see what transport options are available if required. Resort maps, which are available on the Ski Club's website, might also be a useful purchase. Before the holiday begins, skiers are advised to check weather reports so they will know whether they will need to wrap up warm or prepare to bask in the sunshine. Skiers can also do plenty after arrival at the ski resort to ensure their holiday is as enjoyable as possible. Ensure children never go hungry on the slopes by making packed lunches, which will also help to keep holiday costs down. Children's energy levels can be boosted by a couple of sweets, so popping a few in their pockets to ensure they are sufficiently fuelled to ski throughout the day could be an option. Finally, skiers are advised to drink plenty of water to stave off dehydration, which can lead to exhaustion.

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