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Ski Season Is Upon Us And Rescue Workers Fear For The Worst

The skiing season may be in full swing with the donning of the New Year, but there have already been fatalities due to avalanches burying those out enjoying the slopes. Most recently were the deaths of five Britons this previous week who succumbed to a treacherous avalanche among the mountains of Corsica. There were immediate search and rescue teams executed to the site and while there were survivors that escaped, the grim reality is that avalanches are killers of both the inexperienced skiers hitting the slopes and others that have been doing it for decades. The power of Mother Nature plays no favourites and this holds true in that one of the Brits that perished was Nigel Jackson, who at 43 was noted as being a very experienced walker used to traversing the territory. Avalanches are often unexpected and can be triggered my numerous events.  With the increased temperatures due to global warming it is a thought of many that the risk for them has dramatically increased. "We haven't had temperatures so mild and such a high level of rain for several years...the effect has been to destabilise the snow and...this has led to avalanches," stated one such policeman speaking on behalf of the search and rescue teams out of Chamonix. However human behaviours, and most notably those that partake in off-piste skiing, is a main contributor to avalanches and is something that all advocates and resorts advise against. The topic is particularly heated among those that must then send out their troops to save skiers and snowboarders who recklessly endanger both their lives and others, "I have had enough of our emergency workers losing their lives because people go off on excursions without taking into account the risks," cited an enraged Guido Bertolaso who is Italy's head civil protection unit. Yet it seems that no matter the warnings or risks there are still those looking for a rush and will do as they please. It is to those that rescue team leaders such as Bertolaso speak to and hope to sway; it is up to the individuals to recognize the true threat of an avalanche. For any further proof one needs only look to the disastrous ramifications of the sting of avalanches that killed 75 people throughout the course of three weeks in the year of 1999 around Europe's Alpine Resorts. Or further still, the horrendous three months in which the lives of over 265 people were cut short between 1950 and 1951. The truth of the matter is that avalanches are beasts that do not even need a particular course of action to be spurred into effect, and for this reason they can hit suddenly and without warning.  They are a true threat and for those that are eagerly flocking to the resorts they need to be aware that there is a real and present danger. Adhere to the warnings put in place and always be conscious of the rumblings around you.

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