Ski slopes heading for 14-year high

Scotland's ski slopes are experiencing their best season since 1996 and the busy period looks set to continue after fresh snow fell.

The five mountain resorts have catered for 373,782 customers since the end of November, pumping more than £37 million into the local economy.

CairnGorm Mountain resort is still open and Ski Scotland said the figures have already surpassed the last bumper season, 2000-2001.

Ski Scotland Chair Heather Negus said: "All winter, we realised we were heading for a great season. We had hoped to match the figure for 2001 but didn't realise we had beaten it until recently, when everything was added up - and of course, CairnGorm Mountain is still operating, so we're still counting."

Local bars, hotels, restaurants and shops also benefit from the skiing boom as it is estimated that, for every £1 spent on the slopes, £3 goes into the local economy, providing a £28 million bonus during the winter season.

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