Skiers moot action over injuries

Champion skiers are considering action after many received injuries this season, some, including Jean-Baptiste Grange and Denise Karbon of Italy, without even falling. The unusually high number of injuries has been blamed on water-injected snow, which has resulted in icy courses and overly flexible skis. It has resulted in calls for change, with retired Italian great Alberto Tomba urging skiers to strike. World champion Aksel Lund Svindal said changes should be made immediately. Former alpine racer Kerrin Lee-Gartner added: "There's something wrong when you tear an ACL while you're skiing. We need to do something. I'm looking for some significant changes going forward as we enter next season. I think everything has to be looked at." Meetings have been held between skiers, coaches and the International Ski Federation, with questions being put to FIS men's race director Guenther Hujara. He said: "It was a very productive meeting and we have set up a very good agenda. Hopefully, something is doable for both the short-term approach and the long-term approach." A number of competitors have already been ruled out of February's Olympics in Vancouver, including Downhill world champion John Kucera, World Cup slalom Grange, former women's overall World Cup winner Nicole Hosp and US skier TJ Lanning. Karbon is expected to return in time for the Olympics.

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