Skiing celebrities prepare for sun

Skiing and snowboarding conditions may seem a world away from the beach, but many celebrities are hitting the snow slopes to get their bodies in shape for the summer. Heather Mills, Peter Andre, Mark Foster and Miss Scotland have donned skiwear to prepare for their swimwear and made use of SNO!zone's slopes, with snowsports becoming the new fitness trends. Snowboarding and skiing provide a thorough workout, with the average adult burning off 125 calories every quarter of an hour - more than cycling, running or playing badminton. A little bit of time on the slopes each day burns up almost a stone of body weight in a year. It also makes weight easier to manage by speeding up metabolism and flatters your figure in bikinis and Speedos, toning the lower parts of the body. SNO!zone provides lessons to help people get ready for its slopes in Milton Keynes, Castleford, near Leeds, and Braehead, near Glasgow. Just four lessons are enough for most people to learn the basics and enjoy its 170m main slopes. The company's director of marketing Sarah Porteus said: "There is no more exciting way to shake up a fitness regime and get results quickly, especially at this time of year when people are getting away. "SNO!zone's slopes are open every day for visitors to ski and snowboard as part of their regular fitness routine throughout the year."

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