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Snow falling at Scottish ski resorts

UK skiing and snowboarding fans will be whooping (just a wee bit) as news comes this week that four of Scotland's five resorts have had snow. Webcams at Cairngorm Mountain, Glencoe Mountain, Glenshee and Nevis Range have shown a dusting of snow.  The other resort, The Lecht, is rainy rather than snowy. The most recent overnight snowfalls come just days after publication of a review of snowsports in Scotland in which it is suggested that  the future for Scotland's skiing industry is to give skiers and snowboarders access to snow higher up the mountains. The independent study said that while conditions can be unreliable at 2,000ft (610m) where all the centre's base stations are, the snowfields higher have much better quality snow, that lasts for longer each season. Comparing Scotland to Japan and Switzerland – two counties that have made the move to give skiers higher mountain access – the report makes recommendations for building new chairlifts to snow at greater elevation on Scottish mountains, too. Still, with the recent dusting of snow in the four Scottish resorts there will be hopes that this year's skiing season will be just as good as the previous two. Do you have your skis at the ready?

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  • Cant wait for the Scottish Season to get underway :)


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