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South Pole in sight for skiing team

A team of seven women who are attempting to ski to the South Pole are just a few miles away from their goal. The expedition has seen them travel nearly 560 miles to mark the 60th anniversary of the Commonwealth and now the buildings of the Amundsen-Scott research station are in sight. The Commonwealth team includes women from Britain, Brunei, Darussalam, Cyprus, Ghana, India and Singapore. Each of them has towed an 80kg sled loaded with supplies, for the past 39 days, while skiing for six to 10 hours a day. But  they have taken a break so they can stage a "live lecture" and question-and-answer session relayed over the internet to The National Geographic Society in London. They expect to be airlifted from the pole back to their starting point, a commercial expedition base at the Patriot Hills, near the bottom of South America, and then to fly back to London, via Chile. British team leader Felicity Aston,said in the expedition blog that the team is almost out of the plastic bags it uses to carry its toilet waste on the sleds, so that it can all be removed from Antarctica: "We only have a few left so it's absolutely vital that we get to the Pole soon" she said "None of us will ever take for granted hot running water or a flushing toilet ever again". Adventurer Kylie Wakelin, 36, said in a "tweet" on the team's expedition website: "We are on da home run and if i can keep my thumbs warm, ITS IN THE BAG!"

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