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Everyone has a desire, a wish to explore Earth. It's important to remember that life is what the individual makes of it and a bucket list will only be completed if they strive to make it so. For those interested, here is a traditional travel-related list, ranging from cool to downright amazing: Tokyo The bucket list - tokyo Tokyo is a futuristic city, shrouded in neon signs, fast-paced electricity and a kinetic energy that never dies down. The slick, traditional design of the city mixes perfectly with the new, creating something of a paradise. Oktoberfest the bucket list - oktoberfest Marketed as one of the 'biggest parties in the world', Oktoberfest attracts millions every year for a 16-day celebration, throwing food, drink, live music and fun-fair attractions at the eager crowd who travel to be there. Safari, South Africa The bucket list - Safari From Cape Town's culture and famed wine regions to the vast, sprawling safari, complete with unique wildlife, South Africa is a paradise. Its many game reserves boast of peace and serenity, acting as perfect natural habitats.   Cross-Country USA the bucket list - grand canyon This is a traditional journey from one side of the States to the other, crossing through a multitude of vibrant cultures. There are a selection of routes and great sights along the way, including the Grand Canyon. Australian Outback The bucket list - australian outback One of the driest areas on Earth and incredibly remote, this is a place of immense natural beauty and includes attractions such as the renowned Ayers Rock, Mount Augustus and parks such as Purnululu National Park. Easter Island The bucket list - easter island This is a place that many have heard of yet few know much about. The ancient ruins hold a captivating appeal and the island consists of much to do, from horseback riding to exploring the volcanoes. Heli-Skiing The bucket list - heli skiing Available through a selection of special companies, heli-skiing is the ultimate activity for budding skiers/snowboarders. Jumping out from a helicopter, on to the snowy slopes, is an exhilarating experience, designed to get anyone's adrenaline racing. Antarctica Cruise The Bucket list - antarctica cruise Guests are able to witness towering glacial formations, some of the most awe-inspiring sights on Earth, as well as the unique southern wildlife, from penguins to blue whales. Antarctica is a first-class journey with first-class possibilities. Swimming with Sharks Swimming with sharks is a popular bucket list addition. It's the ultimate daredevil activity, sure to get hearts racing. These gliding monsters are immensely beautiful beyond the waves and it's an experience that will be cherished. If like Karl Pilkington, a cage is the closest you want to get to a shark, then this is also worthy of any bucket list. Everest the bucket list - Everest Climbing Everest will rarely be on a person's bucket list, but viewing it will be. The tallest point on Earth is a spiritual, special place for many and it's treated with the respect it deserves.

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