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Tips For Taking Children Skiing

Skiing can be daunting the first time around so when you take the kids there are some tips to remember to help make it a safe and fun activity. Allowing your children to take part in anything that is particularly challenging is undoubtedly more scary for you than it is for them but the two objectives are for it to be an enjoyable and safe time for them. Introduce the idea It is an entirely new activity for them so try to ease them into it all before they try it for real. Begin mentioning the idea of skiing and enthuse to them how exciting and fun it is in order to get them intrigued. Have them try out the equipment so they are familiar with how it looks and feels before they are out there experiencing it. You can even choose to book them in for some lessons with a qualified instructor so they are even more prepared in terms of both the movements required and the temperature they will experience on the slopes. Further preparation Buying and introducing the equipment to the kids is important and you should ensure that they are sufficiently protected from the cold weather with a number of layers of clothing. It is also of paramount importance that you equip them with a helmet and just as crucially, one that fits them as it should. Saving money is always a good thing but you should not allow them to start skiing in old or ill-fitting equipment - in this instance it is vital to kit them out in the correct gear to keep them protected and comfortable. For yourself, you should ensure that you have a good bag or rucksack to store all of the necessary clothing and accessories inside. Keep it enjoyable Family skiing holidays should be something where the kids can learn and enjoy and if it feels laboured or like a punishment to them in any way at all then it is not being done as it should. Avoid being pushy with it and look for opportunities to break up the day with other fun interludes such as simply playing in the snow. Above all it should be safe, do some research into where it is you will be going and listen to any safety guidelines you are given. Unless you are of a very advanced level of skiing ability you should also allow the instructor to teach them as they wish without interfering. Tell the kids how good it is, show that you are enjoying it too but also make sure that they know they can stop if they want to. Article written by Samantha Hylton representing www.skimagic.co.uk, a provider of catered chalet-based family skiing holidays in the French resorts of La Tania and Courchevel.

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