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Top 5 Technical Hiking T-Shirts

We have gone tech T-shirt crazy this year at Simply Hike. With loads of tech behind the shirts you might be finding it hard which to choose from, so luckily for you we have made one of our world famous top 5 picks posts to help you out….




Salomon: Agiles Tee



The Agiles tee from Salomon is a great lightweight tee. The Agiles uses AdvancedSkin ActiveDry which wicks the moisture away from your skin keeping you cool when hiking or running. The AdvancedSkin is also amazingly breathable but acts as a great thermal layer if it gets a bit chilly. This tee from Salomon features 360 reflective details making it a perfect tee for low viz hiking and night time running. The Agiles has a great fit to it as well, making it a great choice for all types of activities.







Craghoppers: Vitalise T-Shirt



The Vitalise from Craghoppers is a great moisture control tech tee. The moisture control in the Vitalise allows you to keep on moving without the discomfort of getting all hot and bothered. Another plus for the Vitalise is the quick drying technology works perfectly with the moisture control making it one of the most comfortable tees on the market, it’s no surprise that the DofE have added it to their recommend kit list. This tech tee is lightweight and has reflective print detail making it a perfect for those low viz scenarios. The tee has a total weight of 145g and has an active fit making it ideal for hiking, scrambling, climbing and cycling.  






Montane: Sonic T-Shirt




The Sonic tee from Montane is a great active tee. It tee uses DRYACTIV technology for fast wick meaning you can hike faster and for longer. The Sonic has a tailored or “alpine fit” to it making it perfect for all types of activities. This tee has been antibacterial treated meaning it prevents odour, has reflective trim making it perfect for runners and low viz hiking and finally the Sonic has a UPF of 50+.







Berghaus: Tech Tee




The Tech Tee from Berghaus is a brilliant all round technical t-shirt. It uses Argentium which helps reduces the traces of bacteria on the shirt which will stop the tee from holding any odour. It has high wicking and moisture management which will keep you cool all day long. With its standard fit you can wear this top for all types of activities which as we said earlier makes this a great all round tee from hiking, running to even wearing a top in the summer time it ticks all the boxes. The Tech Tee also features a UPF of 30+ giving you great protection.







Mountain Hardwear: WickedCool Tee




The WickedCool from Mountain Hardwear is a great lightweight tech tee (it only weighs 119g). It uses Cool.Q Zero technology which absorbs the sweat off your body for better cooling. Due to the Cool.Q Zero tech this tee will keep you super cool, it was tested with runners running in 40 degree heat and it still kept them cool! It has an active fit making it ideal for anybody doing a fast pace activity like trail running, fell running, scrambling and climbing. It has a UPF rating of 15 and has a reflective trim for low viz and night time running.





So there we have it, our top 5 picks for tech tee! We of course stock many more tech tees so don’t forget to check them out! Do you own one of the tees featured in the top 5? Then tell us what you think about them by commenting below.

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