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Try Somewhere Different This Summer Holiday

Image Snowdon Horseshoe courtesy of Mikey Bean via Flickr. As money is still tight after the recession and summer holidays are looming, overseas vacations are being put on hold. But just because you can't visit the coast of sunny Spain, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy a real adventure right here in the UK. From the beautiful scenery of Wales to the water front of Dorset, there is so much to do and experience right here on home soil. In fact Snowdonia in Wales is a top destination for families looking for fun outdoor adventures. Things to Do If you are considering staying in a holiday cottage near Snowdonia for these summer holidays, you and the family can enjoy a great host of outdoor activities from walking the mountainous areas to fishing and cycling; there is even river rafting for those looking for some adrenaline pumping fun. Snowdonia is also home to a national park which houses fantastic museums and castles whilst there is also so much more to be explored whether you want to explore it using a car, bicycle or by foot. Head to Llandudno where you can enjoy a seaside experience, combining the water with the stunning mountains to complete your holiday picture. For dad there are a number of golf courses to choose from and children will love the horseback riding opportunities that are on offer. Why Self Catering Often when planning a holiday you immediately start looking for a hotel or bed and breakfast. Yet the holiday cottages situated around Snowdonia can be seen as a welcome break from the usual routine as they offer a different and more homely holiday experience. Self-catering is available in the cottages which gives you your own home-away-from-home and is arguably the easiest and most enjoyable way to spend a family vacation. Besides the fact that holiday homes are a more affordable option and enable you to book for a week or more, this allows you to enjoy your holiday by following your own schedule. You don't have to be up at a set time for breakfast or worry that housekeeping is going to be knocking at your door at any minute. Having your own home-away-from-home gives you the freedom to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, come and go when you want and really explore the area as and when you want to. If you want to curl up in front of the television all day rather than explore the mountains, there is no one to stop you. After all, it's your holiday, your time to relax. Make it an Adventure Whenever we holiday within the UK we turn our entire vacation into one big adventure. We research the area beforehand to see what we can do and what we want to explore, such as a ride on a canal boat along the Llangollen Canal or visiting the beautiful area of Conwy. The adventure starts when you pack your bags and get on the road which is again more affordable as there are no expensive air fares to worry about. You highlight stops along the way that you want to see which is partially for your own benefit but also partially for the benefit of the children to ensure they don't get bored. It also gives the whole family an hour or two to stretch our legs. It also makes the road trip side of the holiday more fun. When you arrive you take out your map and start highlighting your activities for the next day; if you are visiting a museum or castle that you know will bore the children then you add one or two activities into the day for them too. This way they enjoy your things knowing that they are getting something that is for them too. The great thing with staying within the UK when holidaying is the price as it is affordable to remain on home soil and explore areas that you haven't explored before. You'd be amazed the places and scenery just waiting to be seen and places like Snowdonia offer this throughout the winter and summer months. Frankie Hughes is a writer who believes that because of the current financial situation, you would be better off holidaying in the UK. Therefore, if you are researching places in the UK that offer beautiful holiday cottages, Snowdonia should be the first place that you should explore.

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  • Hi Chris
    As a lonely sheep farmer and keen hill walker here in Snowdonia, I’d be more than happy to answer any questions your readers might have about the area. If any body books one of our self catering cottages that would be a bonus, naturally, but not compulsory.

    Gwion Llwyd

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