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Walkers sign up for hill safety tweets

Walkers and mountaineers in Scotland can take advantage of a new forward-thinking messaging service – and stay safer on the hills. The aim of the new Social Media messaging service from the Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) is to send out safety alerts and warnings. The safety messages, about such topics as weather and avalanche prone areas, will be issued through Social Media platforms Twitter and Facebook. The campaign called “Something for the Weekend” could warn of a particular hazard over the coming weekend, or remind hill walkers of an ever-present safety issue that they should always bear in mind. Typical messages can warn of avalanche conditions, high wind speeds, short hours of daylight, risk of sunburn, river crossing hazards and a wide range of other concerns. When there isn’t an obvious main risk for the weekend ahead the messages will be more general, but will still remind hill-goers of potentially life-saving tips such as keeping their first aid kits up-to-date or being aware of the dangers posed by ticks. Mike Dales, MCofS Membership Development Officer, said: “I would urge anyone who enjoys mountains to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and to look out for our Something for the Weekend messages.” Heather Morning, MCofS Mountain Safety Adviser, added: “The MCofS has various mountain safety initiatives that aim to educate mountaineers and reduce the number of mountaineering incidents. Along with our members-only courses and winter safety lectures (open to all), Something for the Weekend is another great way of getting our safety messages across to the many people who walk, climb and ski in the mountains.” Links to the MCofS Twitter and Facebook pages can be found at the foot of any page on the MCofS website. Something for the Weekend tweets carry the hashtag #sftwe. These tweets are sent out during Friday and usually repeated on Friday evenings, then Saturday and Sunday mornings.

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