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What You Need to Go Skiing

Skiing is a winter based activity, which means that you will need plenty of warm clothing and proper equipment to get you through the ski season in the most comfortable and safest way possible.  If you’re planning a ski holiday soon, and need a ski checklist to get you started, here’s your guide! Thermal Clothes Thermal Trousers – Keep your legs dry and warm with a good quality pair of thermal trousers. These will either be like combat trousers or leggings – make sure you can easily bend in them to allow easy movement when skiing. Thermal Top – Check the climate of the ski resort you’re travelling to – degrees of thermal clothing can keep you super cosy in freezing temperatures or can make you too hot if you’re skiing off season. Great for keeping you dry and warm. Thermal Socks – Not only do these keep you dry and warm as you ski, thermal socks are also designed to keep your feet protected in your ski boots. With extra cushioning, pressure on different areas in your feet is lessened – just make sure you get well cushioned, thick pairs. Outer Clothes Wool Jumper – Plain and simple, this keeps you warm when you’re out in cold temperatures. Ski Boots – Choose ski boots that go with your bindings to ensure secure footholds on your skis. These can affect your ability to glide down a mountain so make sure they’re comfortable and supportive. Ski Trousers – Another trouser layer to keep your legs warm and dry – ideal if you’re prone to falling over onto the snow! Ski Jacket – Keeps you dry if it snows and also provides another layer for warmth. Ski Gloves – Protects your hands from the cold as well as any dangers such as impact when you fall. Make sure gripping your ski poles isn’t affected by lack of grip on your gloves. Other Equipment Ski Goggles – Protective eyewear not only protects you from the glare of the sun’s rays but also stops flying dirt, ice or snow getting in your eyes as well. Ski Helmet – Protective headgear keeps your ears and head warm and also safe from any bumps you may get if you take a fall. You can lose 75% body heat through your head, so keeping it warm is a great way of staying cosy! Ski Poles – Ski poles are great for helping you turn or build momentum – they are also helpful aids for getting up when you’ve fallen over! Bindings – The straps which attach your ski boots to your skis are called bindings. These support your feet, still allow you freedom of movement and keep you secure. Skis – The most important part of your kit if you want to go skiing are skis! Choose skis which are appropriate to your skill level, the type of skiing you plan on doing (Alpine/Downhill etc) and surface you will be skiing on. Ski length and weight of skis will affect how well you move on the slopes!  


  • Thanks for listing the things to bring to go skiing. I’m a beginner in this sport and I don’t know what to wear. Thanks again.

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