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Where's the Snow?

By no means has the skiing season come to a close just yet. There are plenty of resorts around the world still enjoying downpours of snow, and that's reason enough for you to book a late trip, pack your bags and attack the slopes. The snow in the UK may have dried up since the turn of the year, but that's no reason to abandon thoughts of an early skiing venture in 2011, and Simply piste has put together a comprehensive weather report on where the snow is and where you can expect an enjoyable, and above all white, skiing trip. If you're intent on staying close to home then Scotland is still enjoying some colder conditions but there isn't enough snow to trouble the weather men and without any reported heavy snow in the past few days there may not be enough for a decent run. Conditions are still cold though so within the next week there may be time to get a few days in before   it begins to dry up completely. According to snow-forecast.com it's Italy that are likely to have the whitest weekend (22nd-23rd Jan) with between 65-70cm of snow due to fall before dawn on Sunday. Ussita is the resort reported to be receiving the most snow, so if you are a fan of Italy then in the short term it is likely to be the best place to go for a weekend trip, although if you've perhaps visited the resort already and looking for a change then Sarnano Sassotetto is further up the road and due a similar amount in the coming days. If you fancy making a trip of it and would like to go somewhere a bit different then Macedonian resort Popova Sapka is reportedly getting 67cm of snow in the next few days and with it having 1400m of vertical descent there's certainly no shortage of space. Currently most of the European pistes are icy which provide precarious skiing conditions. However snow is predicted imminently (as I type that I'm reading on Twitter that snow has just started falling in the Alps) which would massively improve the chances of some top quality skiing. Austria is also starting to enioy more snow after a quiet period of late, and they're expecting more snow before the weekend and indeed during it which would make it an ideal spot for a short trip. Be sure to make it short though as the sun is due to shine early on Monday. However the places to be are seemingly the US and Scandinavia. Colorado in particular has received a lot of snow in the last 48 hours, and the signs are that its unlikely to let up until early next week. Norway has received the most snow in 2011 to date with a reported two metres having fallen since the 1st of January, which to put into perspective is nearly double the amount of anywhere in the Alps during the same time period. Val D'Iseres ironically is still enjoying a generous amount, although the forecast does suggest it will begin to die out during the middle of next week. Just across the border from Norway is Sweden where they have also enjoyed happy skiing conditions, with even more snow expected within the next seven days. It might be a bit of a journey but with the amount of snow due to fall its likely to be worth the trip! Of course the weather is changing constantly and over the weekend new patterns will emerge which may mean resorts in other countries suddenly get their fair share of snow, but for the time being the place to be is in the States, the Alps or in Scandinavia where the white stuff continues to fall.

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