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Our range of one man tents are perfect for people going backpacking, trekking or hiking and really want to keep...
Our range of one man tents are perfect for people going backpacking, trekking or hiking and really want to keep their weight down. Having a solo tent can be more beneficial than having, say, a three man tent and then separating it between hikers you're backpacking with. One man tents are easier to pack, quicker to put up, more lightweight than bigger tents and hardly weigh anything! Technology behind solo tents are just as good if not better than what you would find in any other tent. Many one man tents will use a geodesic shape which provides a sturdier structure so that no matter what sort of conditions you are pitched in it will give you the best security and pin your tent to the ground from the harshest of wind and rain. If you really want to save weight you could look into one pole systems as well, using the one pole system saves a lot of weight and space although it's not as structured as a geodesic tent as long as you have pitched it properly you shouldn't have any issues. One pole tents means it comes with just one pole or you can often use a set of walking poles to pitch the tent which saves even more weight. Ripstop material is another key material when it comes to choosing your one man tent. Ripstop technology gives the fly sheet the best protection from the elements with a grid design that stops the fly sheet from splitting or if you already have a tear then no matter the pressure you put on it that tear will only stay in those squares effected. Solo tents should also be considered as an emergency tent as well. If you are in a group of people that are doing lots of trekking or climbing and have a base camp, taking a one man tent could be a life saving bit of kit if you get stuck out in the middle of nowhere. It's ideal for an emergency tent due to its size, weight, and ease of pitching.
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Terra Nova

Laser Ultra 1 Tent
£693.00 Regular price RRP £990.00

Terra Nova

Laser Competition 1 Tent
£297.50 Regular price RRP £425.00

Jack Wolfskin

Gossamer Tent - Cactus Green
£70.00 Regular price RRP £100.00


Blade 100 Tent - Cactus
£77.00 Regular price RRP £110.00